GTA V – Huge combat & escape from a destroyed town

GTA V – Huge combat & escape from a destroyed town
I wanted to give some sort of scenario or objectives to this video. The idea is that a team of soldiers had to evac from a destroyed city, where two factions are fighting each other.

The map used is « War On Terror », a map based on a fictional town destroyed by the war. With the Ped Riot/Chaos Mode script, two factions spawn around the map and fight each other.

The team must escape from town on a Humvee, but the vehicles are on the other side of the town, so the team had to cross through the battlefield!

Excuse the poor/noobish gun gameplay, these 30FPS are painful!

Mods used:
– [Ped Riot/Chaos Mode –](
– [War On Terror [Public Alpha] – (Menyoo & YMAP) –](
– [HMMWV M966 [Add-On] –](
– [Bodyguard Squads –](

Common mods used on my current GTA V gameplays:
* [Accuracy Fix –](
* [SelectiveFire –](
* [Locational Damage & Deadly Headshots –](
* [Injured Ragdoll Enhanced –](
* [Beta Takedowns –](
* [Simple Trainer for GTA V –](
* [Realistic Guns Sounds –](

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