GTA V All Easter Eggs And Secrets

GTA V All Easter Eggs And Secrets
Watch 100 Best Easter Eggs In 100 Video Games:


Long awaited by a lot of you video, finally appeared on my channel! Not gonna lie, this is the biggest, longest and most complex video I have ever created! Please don’t be harsh on me if you find any spelling mistakes, I did my best to avoid them!

All the stuff I show is real content, no mods or scripts used. I have only used cheats and Director’s Mode at few points. This is Steam up to date version, non returning exclusive content, therefore some cool stuff isn’t there, sadly!

The Golden Peyote and Werewolf part: The guide says you will encounter up to 9 dead bodies and then you will encouter Werewolf. I spent about 5 hours in total, making 4 different full runs and I could NOT encouter the Werewolf, so it’s either super luck, patience or something else! Either way the reward is not that great, you just get to play as Werewolf in Director’s Mode IF you win the battle with Werewolf.

1 Loading Theme
2 Long Stretch Mission Theme
3 Wanted Theme

01. Frozen Alien
02. Sunken UFO
03. Mysterious Drawing + Flying UFO (Requires 100%)
04. Two More Flying UFOs (Requires 100%)
05. Niko Bellic Wanted Poster
06. Black Phone
07. Woman Ghost
08. The Heart of Liberty City
09. Drawing of ‘Cock’
10. Ten Points!
11. Patrick Packie McReary
12. Max Payne 3 Hawaiian Tshirt
13. John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)
14. Claptrap (Borderlands)
15. The Liberty King
16. Snowman
17. LOST Hatch
18. Niko Bellic’s Profile
19. CJ’s Book
20. Rochell’le Note
21. Teddy Pickup
22. Wilhelm Scream
23. The Broker Store
24. I Love LS Tshirt
25. Vice City Ladies (DJ Toni + Twins)
26. CJ, Big Smoke And Sweet Cameos
27. Pole Position
28. Red Dead Graffiti
29. Rehab Island (Dead Island)
30. Greetings From Liberty City Postcard
31. Carcer City (Manhunt)
32. Red Dead Book
33. Tire Nutz
34. Welcome Back, We Missed You Last Time
35. Turn Back, Nothing Here
36. Scooter Brother
37. Karma Chameleon
38. Nicolson Bell
39. Rockstar North
40. Boiler Suits
41. Walk of Fame (Donald Love + DJ Toni)
42. Johnny Klebitz
43. Big Foot Spotted!
44. Niko Bellic’s Tow Truck
45. Hercules Logo (The Ballad of Gay Tony)
46. Sequel II (Bully)
47. Vice City Syndrome
48. Hyman Memorial Stadium + Caligula’s Palace (GTA VC + GTA SA)
49. Burger Commercial (LA Noire)
50. Thelma & Louise
51. Sunken Tank
52. The Infinity Killer
53. Dead Body Underwater
54. GTA IV Cheats
55. Z Type Car (GTA 2)
56. Garden Gnomes Having Fun
57. Agent
58. The Shining
59. I Love VC
60. Assassin’s Creed Map
61. Better Than CJ
62. Honkers Sticker
63. GTA 1 Styled Graffiti
64. Nothing To See Here, Grove Along
65. Courage Wolf Meme
66. Bull Shark Testosterone
67. Angry Phone Calls or Text Messages
68. Volition Logo
69. More Adult Humor
70. QUB3D Arcade Machines
71. Niko Bellic Reference
72. Drive Jacket
73. Live Long (Star Trek)
74. Beam Me Up (Star Trek)
75. Deal Gone Wrong (No Country For Old Men)
76. OG Loc And Madd Dogg
77. Mario And Luigi
78. Love Fist
79. Pogo The Space Monkey
80. Secret Bigfoot Mission
81. Demon Trigger (Devil Trigger from Devil May Cry)
82. Zombix (Zombrex from Dead Rising)
83. Golden Peyote Plants Full Guide
84. Fruit Tree Is a Lie (Cake Is a Lie from Portal)
85. Karen AKA Michelle (Niko’s Exgirlfriend)
86. Super Sonic
87. Norman Baits (Norman Bates from Psycho)
88. Liberty City Store
89. 4 Mysterious Clues
90. Mysterious Abandoned Mine

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs!

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  1. i have one…….when he/she used the girl w/swimsuit….when using the phone for zooming…….where is the pocket??or the phone atuomatically respawn on the hand!!


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